Fifth Grade



1. Class Dojo is our primary method of communication, so join our group and stay in the loop!

2. Please remember that only solid red or solid navy (or purchased through Dixon) outerwear can be worn in the classrooms.  Outerwear cannot have any writing or logos. Any outerwear can be worn TO school, but if not uniform-policy compliant, they must be removed IN school. 

Supply List

 *We share COMMUNITY supplies, so please DO NOT purchase specialized / personalized items, and DO NOT label with names.



4 pkg. wide-ruled notebook paper

1 binder, 1-1/2” size (any color) 

5-count divider tabs

4 fine-tip dry-erase markers

1 RED plastic/poly HOLE-PUNCHED folder (no prongs)

2 highlighters (any color)

24-count crayons

12-count colored pencils

1 zippered pencil pouch w/ binder holes

4 pkg. 24-count PLAIN, yellow, wooden pencils

6 composition books (BLACK & WHITE covers)

1 pkg. 100-count 3x5 LINED index cards



4 glue sticks

QUART-size Ziploc bags



 4 glue sticks

 QUART-size Ziploc bags